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Water Heater Temperature Sensor

A sensor that can sense temperature and translate it into an output signal is referred to as a temperature sensor. The control circuit cuts off the power supply to the heating tube when the water reaches the predetermined temperature. However, if your water heater lacks a temperature sensor, it will continue to heat up and burn even after the water has reached a boil. This is quite risky.

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Electric Iron Temperature Sensor

Y12 this series of temperature sensors are installed by riveting and fixing. It has a simple structure and high-temperature measurement sensitivity. Various dimensions can be customized according to customer needs, which is convenient for customers to install according to the structure, and customize or match various characteristic parameters according to customer needs. This series The product has stable and reliable performance and good temperature measurement consistency.

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KTY 81/82/84 Silicon Temperature Sensors With High Precision

Our business meticulously crafts the KTY temperature sensor using imported silicon resistance components. High precision, good stability, robust reliability, and a long product life are some of its benefits. It can be used for highly accurate temperature measurement in tiny pipelines and constrained areas. The industrial site's temperature is regularly monitored and managed.

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NTC Temperature Sensor Probe for Steam Oven

Elevate your steam cooking with our top-of-the-line NTC temperature sensor probe, specifically designed for the unique environment of a steam oven. This advanced ntc probe temperature sensor ensures that your steam oven operates with unparalleled accuracy, providing consistent and delicious results every time. Whether you’re a culinary expert or a home cooking enthusiast, our temperature sensor probe is the key to unlocking the full potential of your steam oven.

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Heat-Generating Power Surface Contact

The structure of this series of products is easy to install. The temperature sensor is fixed on the surface of the measured body by screws to detect the temperature of the measured body. It is widely used in fixing UPS power cooling fans, coffee machine heating plates, coffee pot bottoms, and baking trays Wait for the surface of the heating element to detect the temperature of the measured object to meet the requirements of temperature measurement and overheat protection.

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TPE IP67 Temperature Sensor

Packaging technology such as TPE injection molding is widely used in the measurement and control of low-temperature refrigerators and freezers. TPE injection molding products have excellent cold resistance, moisture-proof and waterproof performance, high reliability, and low annual drift rate of cold and heat shock resistance.

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Air Fryer Temperature Probe

This series of air fryer temperature probes use high thermal conductivity thermal paste, which can design various stainless steel tubes according to the customer's structure. The appearance of various stainless steel tubes can be customized according to the temperature measurement speed requirements, and various characteristic parameters can be customized or matched according to customer needs. , IPX3 to IPX7 grades can be customized according to customer needs. This series of products have stable and reliable performance and high-temperature measurement sensitivity.

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