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Temperature And Humidity Sensors in Car

Due to the strong connection between temperature and humidity and how it affects people's lives, temperature and humidity sensors were developed. A sensor that can convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that are simple to monitor and process is referred to as a temperature and humidity sensor.

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NTC Home Appliance Temperature Sensor For Heater Freezer And Ice Maker

The temperature coefficient of resistance for NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors is in the range of -2%/k to -6%/k, which is approximately metal 10 times the temperature coefficient of resistance. They are heat-sensitive semiconductor resistors whose resistance value decreases with increasing temperature. The NTC thermistor's resistance value may change due to changes in the temperature of the surrounding environment or because of current flow and self-heating. His many applications are based on this trait. NTC thermistors are made of mixed oxide polycrystalline ceramics. This material's conduction process is highly intricate.

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K-Type Thermocouples For Thermometers

The most often used temperature sensors are thermocouple devices. This is due to the fact that thermocouples exhibit steady performance, a broad temperature measuring range, long-distance signal transmission, etc. They also have a straightforward structure and are simple to operate. Thermocouples make display, recording, and transmission simple by directly converting thermal energy into electrical impulses.

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RTD Air Water Temperature Sensor

The platinum resistance temperature sensor is a thermometer that measures temperature by adjusting its resistance. The resistance-temperature polynomial function R expresses the standard relationship between resistance and temperature, which is supplied in the form of a graduated table because the characteristic curve of the platinum resistor is non-linear (t).

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Heat-Generating Power Surface Contact

The structure of this series of products is easy to install. The temperature sensor is fixed on the surface of the measured body by screws to detect the temperature of the measured body. It is widely used in fixing UPS power cooling fans, coffee machine heating plates, coffee pot bottoms, and baking trays Wait for the surface of the heating element to detect the temperature of the measured object to meet the requirements of temperature measurement and overheat protection.

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Air Fryer Temperature Probe

This series of air fryer temperature probes use high thermal conductivity thermal paste, which can design various stainless steel tubes according to the customer's structure. The appearance of various stainless steel tubes can be customized according to the temperature measurement speed requirements, and various characteristic parameters can be customized or matched according to customer needs. , IPX3 to IPX7 grades can be customized according to customer needs. This series of products have stable and reliable performance and high-temperature measurement sensitivity.

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Digital Probe Food Thermometer

Master the art of cooking with the PrecisionChef Digital Probe Food Thermometer, your essential kitchen companion for achieving culinary perfection. This digital food thermometer with probe is designed for the modern cook who demands precision, speed, and reliability. Whether you’re grilling, baking, or candy-making, our digital probe food thermometer ensures that your dishes reach the ideal internal temperature every time.

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