Temperature Sensors Manufacturers

2 Wire 3 Wire RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor For New Energy

The Y60 series platinum resistance sensor uses two-wire or three-wire silver-plated Teflon wire, which offers high-temperature measurement precision and strong dependability. This series is packaged in 304 stainless steel or PTFE Teflon rubber.

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PT100, PT200, PT1000 Measure Instruments Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

For fixation, this series uses an SS304 tube with a rolling groove. Customers may install their screws more easily since it can customize screws of various specifications. It uses two or three wires of silver-plated wire with a Teflon sheath, is highly reliable, has outstanding characteristic stability and consistency, and can measure temperatures accurately up to a high temperature.

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Temperature Sensor For Kettle And Small Coffee Machine Y08

The coffee makers, electronic kettles, milk frothers, milk warmers, and heating elements of direct drinking machines are only a few examples of the goods in this series that have the qualities of a tiny construction, high precision, and quick response time. Products from the Y08 series have outstanding temperature resistance and can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees without losing their electrical qualities. Heat conduction makes sure that the product's thermal time constant is (63.2%)2 seconds. To ensure the safety of leakage, this series is built with a ground terminal, which is more in compliance with UL and other safety norms.

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Business Coffee Machine PH Temperature Sensor

This temperature sensor is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, is packaged using excellent moisture-proof epoxy resin technology, and can be customized in terms of size to meet customer needs. It is also simple for customers to install in accordance with the structure and can be mixed and matched in terms of various characteristic parameters to meet those needs. This series of products performs admirably. Consistent temperature measurement, stable and trustworthy.

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Steam Oven Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Utilizing an RTD temperature sensor chip, an external protective tube made of 304 food-grade stainless steel is used to ensure normal operation within 450 degrees. The Y53 series oven temperature sensor uses either 380-degree PTFE wire or 450-degree mica glass fiber wire depending on the specific work requirements.

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Coffee Machine Temperature Sensor

The Y09 series of temperature sensors uses top-notch moisture-proof epoxy resin packaging technology and can be customized in terms of dimensions and characteristics to meet the needs of the client. This makes it simple for customers to install the sensors in accordance with the structure. This line of items performs consistently and dependably. good consistency in temperature measuring.

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