Waterproof Ds18B20 Temperature Sensor

Water Heater Temperature Sensor

A sensor that can sense temperature and translate it into an output signal is referred to as a temperature sensor. The control circuit cuts off the power supply to the heating tube when the water reaches the predetermined temperature. However, if your water heater lacks a temperature sensor, it will continue to heat up and burn even after the water has reached a boil. This is quite risky.

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Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor

To guarantee product dependability and insulating performance, the series uses high-precision and high-reliability NTC thermistors together with a number of coating and pouring methods. Excellent waterproof and moisture-proof capabilities are present in the product. Exhaust, pipelines, compressors, and other high-humidity areas.

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Business Coffee Machine PH Temperature Sensor

This temperature sensor is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, is packaged using excellent moisture-proof epoxy resin technology, and can be customized in terms of size to meet customer needs. It is also simple for customers to install in accordance with the structure and can be mixed and matched in terms of various characteristic parameters to meet those needs. This series of products performs admirably. Consistent temperature measurement, stable and trustworthy.

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Temperature Sensor For Heating Plate And Hair Straightener

This thermistor-based NTC temperature sensor is appropriate for heating plates, hair straighteners, etc. The temperature sensor has a high sensitivity, is packaged in an aluminum plate, and can operate in a hot environment.

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TPE IP67 Temperature Sensor

Packaging technology such as TPE injection molding is widely used in the measurement and control of low-temperature refrigerators and freezers. TPE injection molding products have excellent cold resistance, moisture-proof and waterproof performance, high reliability, and low annual drift rate of cold and heat shock resistance.

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