Greenhouse Temperature Sensor
greenhouse temperature sensor, temperature sensor for greenhouse
  • greenhouse temperature sensor, temperature sensor for greenhouse

Greenhouse Temperature Sensor

The temperature readings from the DS18B20 temperature sensor are 9-bit (binary), suggesting that the device's temperature data is either sent to the DS18B20 temperature sensor via the single-line interface or that it is sent out from the DS18B20 temperature sensor. As a result, just one line (plus ground) is required to connect the host CPU to the DS18B20 temperature sensor, and the data line itself can act as the sensor's power source in place of an external power source.

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Temperature Sensor For Greenhouse

The DS18B20 temperature sensor provides 9-bit (binary) temperature readings, indicating that the temperature information of the device is sent to the DS18B20 temperature sensor through the single-line interface, or sent out from the DS18B20 temperature sensor. Therefore, only one line (and ground) is needed from the host CPU to the DS18B20 temperature sensor, and the power supply of the DS18B20 temperature sensor can be provided by the data line itself without an external power supply. Because each DS18B20 temperature sensor has been given a unique serial number when it leaves the factory, any number of DS18B20 temperature sensors can be stored on the same single-wire bus. This allows placing temperature-sensitive devices in many different places. The DS18B20 temperature sensor has a measurement range from -55 to +125 in increments of 0.5, and can convert temperature into a number within 1 s (typical value).


The Mod Features of Greenhouse Temperature Sensor 

Temperature Accuracy -10°C~+80°C error ±0.5°C
Working Temperature range -55℃~+105℃
Insulation Resistance 500VDC ≥100MΩ
Suitable Long-distance Multi-point Temperature detection
Wire Customization Recommended PVC sheathed wire
Connector XH,SM.5264,2510,5556
Support OEM, ODM order
Product compatible with REACH and RoHS certifications
SS304 material compatible with FDA and LFGB certifications


The Applications of Greenhouse Temperature Sensor 

Greenhouse, communication base station, automobile, industrial control, instrumentation, refrigerated truck, pharmaceutical factory GMP temperature detection system, wine cellar, air conditioner, flue-cured tobacco, granary, hatch room temperature controller.

Temperature Sensor For Greenhouse




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