SMD NTC Thermistor
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SMD NTC Thermistor

NTC thermistors are available in a wide range of configurations; typical ones include glass-encapsulated diodes, leads with resin coatings, and SMD variants. When temperature protection on PCB boards is necessary, SMD NTC thermistors based on multi-layer technology are the best option.

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SMD NTC Thermistor

NTC thermistors are temperature sensitive resistor elements using semiconducting ceramics with a negative temperature coefficient (NTC). This means that resistance decreases exponentially with increasing temperature. The steeper the RT curve, the greater the change in resistance over the specified temperature range. Because of this characteristic, NTC thermistors are usually used to manufacture NTC temperature sensors, and can also be used as temperature protection devices for temperature measurement and temperature compensation purposes.

NTC thermistors come in many different designs, common ones include glass-encapsulated diodes, resin-coated leads, and SMD types. SMD NTC thermistors based on multi-layer technology are the first choice when temperature protection on PCB boards is required.


Features of SND NTC Thermistor

Small size,high sensitivity,fast response

Standard size,taping package,suitable for automatic patch production

Structure of silver,nickel and tin three layer electrodes which has a stable welding

Performance suitable for reflow welding and wave soldering

Stable and reliable electrical performance,high mechanical strength,strong moisture resistance


The Use of SMD NTC Thermistor 

Temperature Compensation for Transistors, ICs, Crystal Oscillators

Temperature Compensation for Various Circuits

Secondary battery temperature detection


The Main Features of SMD NTC Thermistor 

According to the definition of IEC60539, the negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor is a heat-sensitive semiconductor resistor, which shows that the resistance decreases when the temperature rises.

SMD NTC thermistors are specially designed for temperature measurement and temperature compensation.

Qualified according to AEC-Q200, Rev. D

Operating temperature range: -40 - +150 °C

Available package sizes are 0402, 0603 and 0805

Resistance from 4.7 up to 100 kΩ

Different B values

Excellent long-term aging stability at high temperature and humidity

Nickel barrier terminal, suitable for lead-free soldering


The Principle of SMD NTC Thermistor 

SMD NTC thermistors are manufactured by tape casting, a technology recently borrowed from the ceramic chip capacitor and ceramic substrate industries. An oxide-binder slurry similar to that used to make bead thermistors is poured into a fixture that allows very tightly controlled material thicknesses to be cast onto tape or a removable carrier. The cast material is dried into flexible ceramic ribbons that are cut into smaller sections and sintered at high temperature into wafers with a thickness of 0.01 inches to 0.03 inches (0.25 mm to 0.80 mm). After the thick film electrode material is applied, the wafer is diced into chips. These chips are available as surface-mount devices, or as discrete units with connecting leads and a protective coating of epoxy, phenolic, or glass.

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