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RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor


Industrial Equipment Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Customized food-grade SS304 tube can be made in any size or appearance. Excellent high-temperature measuring precision, a broad temperature measurement range, outstanding moisture resistance, and high dependability are only a few of the product's many strengths.

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Motor PT100 PT1000 Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Temperature is measured using a platinum thermal resistance sensor made of PT100 or PT1000. Typically, it is used in conjunction with control, recording, and display devices. The temperature range is -50°C to 200°C. in order to fully realize the measurement, control, and regulation of temperature.

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Steam Oven Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Utilizing an RTD temperature sensor chip, an external protective tube made of 304 food-grade stainless steel is used to ensure normal operation within 450 degrees. The Y53 series oven temperature sensor uses either 380-degree PTFE wire or 450-degree mica glass fiber wire depending on the specific work requirements.

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PT100, PT200, PT1000 Measure Instruments Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

For fixation, this series uses an SS304 tube with a rolling groove. Customers may install their screws more easily since it can customize screws of various specifications. It uses two or three wires of silver-plated wire with a Teflon sheath, is highly reliable, has outstanding characteristic stability and consistency, and can measure temperatures accurately up to a high temperature.

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Thermocouple Temperature Sensor


K-Type Industrial Oven Thermocouple

A loop is created by joining two wires with various components (known as thermocouples wire or thermodes). The pyroelectric effect is a phenomena where an electromotive force is produced in the loop when the junction's temperature varies. The thermoelectric potential, often known as the Seebeck effect, is the name given to this electromotive force.

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K-Type Thermocouples For Thermometers

The most often used temperature sensors are thermocouple devices. This is due to the fact that thermocouples exhibit steady performance, a broad temperature measuring range, long-distance signal transmission, etc. They also have a straightforward structure and are simple to operate. Thermocouples make display, recording, and transmission simple by directly converting thermal energy into electrical impulses.

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K-Type Thermocouples For Grill And Industrial Equipment

One of the popular types of sensing components used to measure temperature in industrial applications are thermocouple temperature sensors. They are chosen from a variety of sensors, including semiconductors, resistance thermometer detectors, and thermistors (RTDs).

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K Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor For Scientific Biological Research Field

The Seibel effect is the basis for the thermocouple temperature sensor, which measures temperature. Current will flow through a closed loop formed by the two separate homogeneous conductors A and B when there is a temperature differential (T-T0) between the ends of the loop. By sensing the potential created by the current, the thermocouple temperature sensor determines the temperature of the hot spot being monitored.

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DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor


DS18B20 Temperature Sensor for Medical Ventilator

The DS18B20 does not require an external power source to function. The device is powered when the data line DQ is high. The internal capacitor (Spp) charges when the bus is pulled high, and the capacitor powers the device when the bus is pulled low. "Parasitic power" is the term used to describe this method of 1-Wire bus device powering.

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Industrial Temperature Control

The DS18B20 temperature sensor uses a DS18B20 chip, has a working temperature range of -55°C to +105°C, a temperature accuracy of -10°C to +80°C, and an error of 0.5°C; it is made of three-core sheathed wire conductor and is packaged using epoxy resin perfusion.

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1-Wire Bus Protocol Temperature Sensor For Robot Industrial

The 1-Wire bus protocol, which is utilized by the DS18B20, only needs one control signal for communication. To avoid the bus port being in a 3-state or high-impedance condition, the control signal line needs a wake-up pull-up resistor (the DQ signal line is on the DS18B20). The microcontroller (master device) in this bus system recognizes the bus's devices by their 64-bit serial numbers. A bus may potentially support a limitless number of devices because each one has a distinct serial number.

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Digital Temperature Sensor For Cold -Chain System Granary And Wine Cellar

The DS18B20 is a popular digital temperature sensor with the features of small size, minimal hardware overhead, strong anti-interference capabilities, and high precision. It outputs digital signals. The DS18B20 digital temperature sensor is simple to wire and is packaged in a variety of ways, including pipeline, screw, magnet adsorption, stainless steel, and numerous model options.

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